HBC – Cosmetics Manufacturer

At HBC we produce a wide range of cosmetics in the form of creams, emulsions, gels and liquids, but also fragrance products – such as candles or sauna aroma. Among our rich offer, customers will also find products for disinfection and domestics detergents

Please check the detailed offer:

HBC Producent balsamów do ust

Lip balms

Producent Kosmetyków do Pielęgnacji

Skin care cosmetics

HBC Producent kosmetyków do ciała

Body care cosmetics

HBC Cosmetics Manufacturer

Hair products

HBC Natural Cosmetics Manufacturer

Natural cosmetics

HBC Producent Kosmetyków do SPA

Sauna & SPA

HBC Producent Świec Zapachowych

Candles & Aroma

HBC Producentów Żeli do dezynfekcji