Producent Kosmetyków do Pielęgnacji

Face Care Cosmetics

Welcome to the world of professional cosmetics that take care of every skin type every day with exceptional care. They precisely clean it, saturate it with vitamins and nutrients, smooth and moisturize for radiant glow every day. Regardless of the mood, weather and time of day, the skin retains a young, healthy appearance, elasticity and even color.

We make sure that the proposed components harmonize with each other, meet the expectations of the customer, and meet strict standards. During many years of our activity in the cosmetics industry, our laboratories have developed unique compositions, showing exceptional effectiveness and positive reception from the customers. That is why, without a shadow of a doubt, we are sure – by offering your customers products composed and prepared by us, you offer care at the highest level.

What cosmetics can we develop for you:

  • face creams,
  • face masks,
  • eye creams,
  • beauty serums,
  • face cleansing foams and gels,
  • face tonics,
  • make-up removal products,
  • refreshing mists.

All cosmetics are strictly tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers, taking into account the desired results, skin type, packaging form and production costs. We are also flexible and open to individual guidelines.